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2 January 2009

2009 is set to be a dire year but by taking control of your finances now you can beat the downturn and come out on top.

We've all seen the headlines, and most of us felt the crunch last year. But while things aren't going to get any better over the next 12 months that is no excuse for burying your head in the sand or running for the hills.

Taking action now to tackle your money worries head on is the best possible thing you could do to make sure you are fully prepared and ready for what 2009 brings.

And that's where Financial Fightback comes in.

Over the next few months we'll be showing you exactly how to get yourself in fit and fighting condition; from taking control of your spending to ensuring you are getting the best possible deals in all aspects of your financial life, Financial Fightback will show you that you don't need to put your life on hold just because of the gloomy economic climate.

Stop letting money, or lack of it, dictate the way you live your life - get in control now and start dictating how you want your finances to work for you.

Every week we'll be tackling a different aspect of your monthly budget to show you how savings can be made – for example, for household expenditure we will explain how to get a better deal on your energy bills, and broadband costs, how to check you aren’t paying too much council tax and how paying be direct debit impacts your bills.

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