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19 December 2008

Supermarkets are bracing themselves for a busy weekend as Christmas shoppers turn their attention away from scouting for presents on the high street and onto the big supermarket shop.

In recognition that shoppers are less likely to opt for the luxury ranges this year, supermarkets such as Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda are reducing the prices of festive food in their priciest ranges. However, consumers will often have to buy more than one item to get a ‘saving’ so they are only worth it if you need the extra food.

While the budget supermarkets tend to concentrate their special offers on non–food products, Lidl has some great seafood offers, including a whole lobster for £4.99 and Aldi’s Irish Cream is only £4.99 and all £4.99 wines are reduced by £1. And luxury supermarket Waitrose has cut the price of "posh grub" such as prawns, smoked salmon and Kettle crisps.

It’s tempting to just head to the most convenient supermarket and load up your trolley to breaking point without checking the price of items – and in many cases driving around the various supermarkets to get the best deals could be offset by the amount of money that you spend on petrol.

However, to save you the effort, Moneywise has scouted around to find the best deals so that you don’t have to.


Fresh turkeys hit supermarket shelves this weekend but if you are after a cheaper frozen option then Sainsbury’s has halved the prices of all Bernard Matthews turkeys.

* Extra large turkey reduced from £50 to £25
* Large turkey reduced from £40 to £20
* Medium turkey reduced from £30 to £15
* Small turkey reduced from £20 to £10


* Sainsbury's Taste the Difference £2.59 each– two for £4.50

* Asda Extra Special £2.28 each – three for £6


* Tesco Finest £2.69 each – two for £5

* Asda Extra Special £2.58 normally each – three for £6

* Sainsbury's Taste the Difference £2.59 each– two for £4.50

* Waitrose £1.65 each– two for £2.46

* Morrisons was 77p now 38p

Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's are all offering two packs of Paxo stuffing for £1.40 but if you only need one packet then Tesco and Asda are cheaper.


* Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda: Bisto instant granules 74–75p each, depending on flavour – two for £1.40.

Brussel Sprouts

* Tesco: Nearly half the price from 1.8p to 1p per sprout

* Sainsbury's: 500g was £1.29 now 50p

* Waitrose: 50% extra (700g for £1.29)


* Tesco Finest Christmas pudding was £10 now £4.99

* Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Christmas pudding was £4.99 now £3.99

* Tesco chocolate log was £1.85 now £1

* Sainsbury's 2–4–1 £1.85 chocolate log

* Sainsbury's Christmas cake iced bar was £7.49 now £5.99


* Netto: half price strong red cheddar. Was £3.08 now £1.84

* Netto: two smoked cheeses for £1.60

And those festive extras...


* Gammon joint was £5.49 now £4.99

* Clementines (350g) £1.49


* Extra large Canadian wild caught prawns (450g) was £6.99, now £4.66

* Kettle crisps (150g bags, all varieties) now £1.59 (saving £1.18)

* Scottish smoked salmon (400g) was £11.99 now £7.99

* Clementines (700g) BOGOF £2.19


* Two for £5 on party food

* Half price Scottish mild smoked salmon was £8.99, now £4.99

* Half price on selected Ben and Jerry's ice cream, £1.95

* Any two pates (170g) for £150 (save 66p)


* Extra special smoked salmon - two for £5

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