Darling pledges to beat unemployment

24 November 2008

The government is giving an extra £1.3 billion towards redundancy training and expanding Jobcentre Plus’ services, to combat rising unemployment figures.

In his pre-Budget speech, chancellor Alistair Darling was keen to stress the government’s desire to act decisively and combat the growing unemployment figures sooner rather than later.

“Unemployment has started to rise and people’s worries have increased about losing jobs and the difficulty in finding another one," he said. "I am determined to do what I can to ease these concerns and to help those who are made redundant move quickly into a new job.”

An extra £1.3 billion has been pledged by the government to help get people back into work as quickly as possible. Extra funds will go to the Department for Work and Pensions to use over the next two years with Jobcentre Plus to ensure its staff capacity can match demand.

The government also wants to expand upon its Rapid Response Service and Train to Gain schemes, which will look to equip those who are facing redundancy, with extra training and more support in the work place in the form of advice on job-search, careers, and accessing existing vacancies, before they leave their current job.

Whereas the Rapid Response service has until now been available to large scale redundancies, those with smaller redundancies can now benefit from the service, receiving help with writing a CV, help looking for suitable jobs and training to help develop skills for a change of career–path.

This package is supported by a National Employment Partnership, made up of over 20 chief executives from top national companies, including Tesco, Centrica and Royal Mail.

Darling thinks the measures are “essential to prevent a temporary job loss becoming permanent unemployment.”

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