Supermarket petrol wars see further price cuts

15 October 2008

ASDA and Morrisons have upped the pace in the supermarket petrol wars by slashing the cost of fuel even further at their forecourts.

Both the supermarkets unveiled price cuts last week, including unleaded petrol at 99.9p per litre. This brought the cost of a litre of unleaded to less than £1 for the first time since last December.

However, ASDA has now introduced a further reduction in the price of petrol and diesel, with the former now priced at 97.9p at all its 172 forecourts and the latter priced at 109.9p. The new prices come into effect from 21 November.

Morrisons has also slashed unleaded petrol to 97.9p a litre and diesel to 109.9p.

Darren Blackhurst, trading director at ASDA, says: "We monitor prices daily and are committed to delivering the best and fairest prices for our customers – which is why all our petrol stations charge the same low price, rather than hiding behind local pricing. We expect oil prices to fluctuate in the coming weeks and will continue to pass on cost savings to customers whenever and wherever possible."

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