Claims management companies target PPI policyholders

10 June 2008

Claims management companies are targeting people who have been mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) - but experts warn they should be avoided as their fees could leave many out of pocket.

Over the past two weeks, new figures have come to light that reveal the extent of PPI mis-selling. Which? revealed that two million PPI policies have been mis-sold to people who aren't eligible for this type of insurance. Meanwhile, the Competition Commission, which is currently investigating the PPI sector, says banks are overcharging borrowers taking out PPI by over £1.4 billion each year, with many people falsely believing they have to take out a policy in order to get credit.

As more people become aware that they could get redress on their PPI premiums if they were mis-sold a policy, claims management companies are jumping on the bandwagon and promoting their services to people.

Although these types of firms are forbidden from “cold calling” this only applies knocking on doors and other face-to-face meetings. The Ministry of Justice, which regulates the claims management sector, allows them to make unsolicited telephone calls to people with promises to help them get their premiums back in return for an upfront fee or on a no-win, no-fee basis.

However, there is no evidence that people have a better chance of getting a refund by using a claims management company. And, in addition, paying a third-party company to help you with your claim will actually leave you out of pocket.

“People who have been mis-sold PPI could get financial redress on their premiums plus any money they have missed out on through interest,” explains Teresa Fritz, a principle researcher at Which? “But this isn’t compensation and you will only get back what you have paid. So, if you are paying a firm up to 30% for its help then you will end up worse off.”

In addition, if the loan or credit on which you purchased PPI is still outstanding, then Fritz says it is likely that any redress you receive will be paid to you through a loan restructure. Although this will see you get your money back, it means any fee you owe a claims management company will have to be found through other means as you won’t have hard cash from your claim.

A spokesman for the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) says around 19% of mis-selling cases referred to it are from claims management firms.

He adds: “We tell consumers that we do not think they should need the help of a commercial third-party – such as a claims-management company or solicitor – to bring a complaint to us. We prefer to hear from consumers in their own words. If people employ someone to present their case for them, this could mean they end up paying them out of any compensation that is due.”

Claims management companies often purport to have a better success rate compared to people that make claims directly to the firm that sold them the PPI. They also often tempt people to use their services by suggesting that making a claim is complicated.

However, this is not stricly true. Fritz says: “You don’t have to be a financial expert to make a claim. There is plenty of free advice out there that you can use to see if you have a case or not, and there are also letter templates you can download.”

Putting up a fight

The complaints procedure for any financial mis-selling is free and anyone can make use of the services such as FOS.

However, there is evidence that suggest some companies – especially secured loan and sub-prime lenders – are fighting claims harder than they have in the past.

Which? says it recently had a case of a couple who were sold a £22,000 PPI policy on top of a £56,000 secured loan. Despite the fact that the policy was mis-sold, it took the couple and Which? nearly a year before they were offered redress. And even then, the company involved has simply offered a settlement figure without giving any explanation of how it has reached it.

But Fritz says: “Yes some cases are tricky – but this is nothing new. And I doubt people would fare any better with a claims management company fighting the battle, especially as most of these firms only take on easy cases. Everyone has FOS on their sides.”

Do you have a case to reclaim your PPI premiums? Find out in our essential guide to claiming plus download a template letter to help you get the redress you deserve.

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