0870 numbers to get cheaper

2 May 2008
Calls to 0870 numbers are set to get cheaper under proposals published by Ofcom.

Currently 0870 calls are priced at levels that enable businesses and organisations to share the revenue generated by per-minute call charges.

But the regulator has proposed capping the cost of 0870 numbers to match calls to geographic numbers. It also calls for 0870 numbers to be included in call package price plans on the same basis as geographical calls.

Ofcom says these measures could significantly reduce the cost of dialling an 0870 number.

The changes are likely to be introduced by the autumn.

Ofcom has also suggested changes to the most expensive 08 numbers – 0871 numbers. It wants to see these brought within the remit of the premium rate services regulator PhonepayPlus (formerly called ICSTIS).

Under PhonepayPlus rules, businesses would be required to publish the price of calls in their advertising and promotional materials. PhonepayPlus would also be able to investigate complaints about excessively long call queuing times.

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