Appeal against your parking tickets

28 April 2008

The government claims its new parking fine regulations will help beat congestion and make roads safer. But the AA and The British Motorists Association believe posting out tickets and the extended use of video footage will result in more drivers paying out on unfair Penalty Charge Notices (PCN). However, with more than 60% of PCN appeals are successful, why not follow these steps to see if and how you can appeal an unfair PCN?

1 Grounds for appeal

Before you appeal to the Traffic Appeal Tribunal, you must challenge your local council in writing and have then received a reply from them refusing your request. You then have 28 days, excluding weekends and bank holidays, to either pay the fine or appeal to the adjudicator. Go to to see the grounds of appeal and if you are eligible to claim.

2 Notice of Appeal

The notice is posted out with the council’s rejection, although later on this year applicants should be able to appeal online. Attach your letters to the council and any evidence that supports your claim, such as pay and display tickets, permits, disabled blue badges, photographs and statements from witnesses. Follow the golden rule of keeping all original documents and only ever send copies.

3 Choosing a type of hearing

Ensure you state your preferred hearing type on the Notice of Appeal. Choose from a telephone, postal or personal hearing with the adjudicator. Some weekend and evening appointments are available.

4 Final stages

The tribunal then sends out notice of the hearing to the council and claimant and both parties have 21 days to confirm the appointment. In that time, the council must submit its own evidence to the adjudicator and send copies to the claimant. On making its decision the adjudicator sends out a document explaining what happens next if the appeal is allowed or dismissed.

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