Drivers warned off street parking

15 April 2008

Parking your car on the street could be riskier than a multi-storey car park with 43% of drivers reporting incidents of vandalism, according in a new survey.

Overall, nearly three-quarters of people surveyed said their car had been damaged by people keying, kicking or smashing the parked vehicle. However, the research, by AA Personal Loans, found parking your car on a residential street doubled the risk of vandalised compared to parking at a supermarket car park.

And your car is three-times more likely to be deliberately damaged when parked on a street compared to being parked in a multi-storey car park.

Drivers in the North of England are most likely to be the victims of vandalism, while Scots are the least likely.

The safest places to park

According to AA Personal Loans, a police station is the safest place to park your car.

However, some other low risk parking spots include: hospitals and doctor’s surgeries, outside schools, airport car parks and outside a church. Parking outside a restaurant is also a safe bet, according to the survey.

Mark Huggins, head of AA Personal Loans said: "If you are out and about, choose well-lit car parks preferably with good security such as cctv even if it means a bit of a walk or a higher parking fee.

“And although it's not always possible to park off road at home, try to park in a well-lit spot and take simple precautions like folding in the side mirrors to reduce the risk of them being knocked off. It's also worth investing in a visible theft deterrent such as a steering wheel clamp. And never, ever leave anything valuable on show in the car.

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