Tax returns given a makeover

11 April 2008
Tax returns are due to hit doormats of 9.3 million self-assessment taxpayers from this week. And a redesign means they should be simpler and quicker to complete.

HM Customers and Revenue has revamped the main self-assessment tax return in a bid to make it easier for the self-employed and companies that don’t use accountants to complete them.

The new look tax return has fewer questions, uses “simpler language” and boosts a new layout designed to make it easier to understand.

Changes include:

  • A new page for additional information.

  • A self-employment page and a two-page form for businesses with an annual turnover below £64,000.

  • The limit for completing abbreviated accounts information has been doubled to £30,000.

  • A person's main source of income is now at the front of the return, rather than the end, ensuring customers answer questions most relevant to them first.

A redesigned version of the online SA return is also now available.

The deadline to complete returns is now 31 October, while the deadline for online returns remains at 31 January 2009.

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