Budget offers little to encourage savers

12 March 2008

Although Alistair Darling did announce plans to extend the Savings Gateway in 2010 - a savings scheme for those claiming benefits and tax credits where the government makes a contribution for each pound saved - there was little to encourage the nation as a whole to put their money away for the future.

Martyn Laverick, marketing director of AWD Chase De Vere said: "In many areas the government has increased the disincentive for saving. By scrapping the 10p tax rate and reducing the basic rate by 2p has done next to nothing to increase people’s take home pay and has reduced the amount of tax relief they get on their pension savings."

He added: "The chancellor was happy to maintain the higher level tax relief [of 22%] on gifts for charities, so why not for pensions?"

In his budget speech the chancellor also took the opportunity to confirm previously announced changes to ISA rules from April 2008. This will see the overall ISA allowance rise from £7,000 to £7,200, of which £3,600 can be held in cash. The mini and maxi ISA distinction will disappear and ISAs will simply be cash or stocks and shares.

For the first time, it will also be able to switch existing cash ISAs into stocks and shares ISA without losing the tax relief. But again the industry has expressed concern that savers who do take advantage of this additional flexibility won't be able to switch back into cash if their risk profile changes or the markets take a turn for the worst.

Cliff Husband, research director at AWD Chase De Vere said: "The new ISA rules raise the spectre of another ghastly financial scandal. People could switch their ISA cash savings into investments, unaware that they can't switch back. It would be far fairer to all taxpayers if the switch between cash and investment within an ISA could be easily reversed."

Alistair Darling did, at least, welcome Otto Thoreson's report into the provision of free, generic financial advice, which was published on 3 March, and commit to launching a £12 million Money Guidance scheme in partnership with the FSA.

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