E.ON raises energy prices

7 February 2008

E.ON has today (11/02/08) become the latest major energy supplier to raise the cost of its gas and electricity.

Customers of the German-owned company, formerly known as Powergen,will see their electricity bills increase by 9.7% and their gas billsby 15%.

E.ON says a typical dual fuel customer will see their bill increaseby 31p a day. It blames the increases on a 60% rise in the cost ofwholesale gas.

Graham Bartlett, managing director of E.ON Energy, says: "We realisethe impact this price increase will have on our customers and we'redoing everything we can to minimise this.”

The supplier has also launched a price protection product thatallows customers to cap prices until 1 October 2009 with no tie-ins orcancellation fees.

It is also delaying the increase in prices for 670,000 vulnerable customers until 1 April.


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