Drivers urged to challenge unfair parking fines

21 December 2007

Which? is urging drivers to keep challenging unfair parking fines after its investigations found many are overturned at appeal stage.

In the majority of cases, drivers wishing to challenge tickets must first appeal to their local council. However, if this is rejected they can then lodge an appeal with independent adjudicators.

Which? claims that some local councils are rejecting challenges to parking fines but then failing to contest them at the second appeal stage.

The consumer charity also accuses some local councils of rejecting too many fines, forcing drivers to have to make formal appeals. But it urges drivers to stick to their guns as they could reclaim their money.

Barry Segal, founder of Appeal Now, a website that helps drivers appeal fines, agrees. He says: “In many cases the councils are turning down initial appeals but when drivers push the issue and re-appeal the councils are not producing evidence to back up their tickets or are simply not contesting the challenge.”

Segal also warns that there has been a spate of illegal tickets issued in the run-up to Christmas.

And Matt Richardson, founder of Majicari, a website that aims to help drivers who have received unfair penalty charges, says: “We estimate that more than half a million motorists receive parking tickets each day in cities around the world. How many of these tickets are a harsh call?”

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