Moneywise guide for students 2017/18

20 September 2017

Heading to university for the first-time or reading up about it on behalf of your children or grandchildren? Here’s Moneywise’s roundup of the latest student news stories, as well as top tips and information on everything from student loans to how to save, make, or invest money in 2017/18.

Student finances 2017/18: What you need to know
Moneywise explains the cheapest and safest ways for students to borrow and budget, plus we explore whether it is better to pay university fees up front or to take out a student loan. 

Student loan interest to rocket to 6.1%
The headline interest rate charged on post-2012 student loans in England and Wales will increase to up to 6.1% in September. 

Student bank accounts: Where to find the best deals
Banks are fighting for new customers, so if you’re just starting university or college don’t delay in signing up for one of their top offers. 

A guide to investing in student accommodation
Another cohort of students is about to head off to university – and with them comes an opportunity to invest in student properties.

Students’ credit ratings exposed to housemates’ poor financial choices
Students heading to university are being warned not to set up joint financial products with their housemates as this could negatively affect their access to credit in the future. 

Savvy students could earn thousands renting unused parking spaces
Students in need of an income while studying could earn up to £15 per day just by renting their parking space or driveway. 

Free four-year railcard for students
Students can get a free four-year 16-25 Railcard when they open Santander’s 123 Student Current Account. 

Students should check their insurance before starting university
About one in five students will be the victim of theft during their first six weeks at university, according to The Complete University Guide

Student entrepreneurs: How to start a business alongside studying
Students have a myriad of things to balance, such as managing their grades and a social life simultaneously. But this doesn’t have to hamper you from launching your own business start-up. 

Student working over the summer? How to reclaim overpaid tax
Students, like all others, have to pay tax on their earnings if they exceed £11,500 a year as of 6 April 2017. 

Eight ways for teenagers to make money 
“During my week of work experience at Moneywise, I was asked to investigate the various ways teenagers in 2017 could make some extra money” writes Mattie Doubleday. 

How I’m saving or investing with my Lifetime Isa at ages 18 to 21
The Lifetime Isa (Lisa) launched in April 2016 and is designed to help people buy their first home or save for retirement. 

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