Will new crime map affect the value of your home?

Published by on 04 March 2011.
Last updated on 22 March 2011

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If you're thinking of selling your house you can do plenty of things to present it in the best possible light. You can de-clutter, make minor repairs, and point out to potential buyers how close it is to the local school, supermarket or train station.

But what you can't do anymore is hide the fact it's located in a crime-ridden area.

The new online crime map (police.uk) means that simply by entering the postcode of a property, you can find out exactly how many crimes took place in that area the previous month. What's more, you can also find out what type of crimes they were.


Experts are weighing up the potential impact of the map on property prices.

"While it's unlikely that the publication of crime statistics will deal a blow to the property market, the introduction of the crime map means property valuations are likely to come under increasing scrutiny," says Andrew Turner, head of residential agency at property advisers Smiths Gore.

"While we wholeheartedly agree that crime and anti-social behaviour can't be swept under the carpet, surveyors are waiting to see if the map will impact on valuations".

Turner says the value of properties in the middle to upper tier of the market already reflects the calibre of their neighbourhood; however, it's likely that estate agents dealing with properties at the lower end of the market will only want to draw a purchaser's attention to the crime map scoring if it's favourable.

To find out how safe your area is, visit the website police.uk.

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