Building a £25,000 portfolio

Published by Chris Torney on 23 December 2015.
Last updated on 23 December 2015

We asked Heather Ferguson, investment analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, to come up with suggestions for both a cautious and a medium-risk portfolio for someone with £25,000 to invest.

Cautious portfolio

Heather Ferguson says: “A cautious investor will often have a considerable part of their portfolio held across cash and fixed-interest investments, as they tend to be less volatile than shares. An allocation to more defensive, larger companies is also included, as equities tend to outperform fixed-interest over the long term.

The below funds dovetail well together and all feature on the Wealth 150 list of our favourite funds across the major sectors.”

£6,250: Invesco Perpetual Tactical Bond

“The approach of Invesco Perpetual’s Fixed Interest team is to identify undervalued opportunities they believe will add value when markets are rising, but try to seek shelter when opportunities are lacking.”

£6,250: Newton Real Return

“This is the type of defensive fund we believe comes into its own when markets hit a rough patch but which also has the ability to deliver good long-term returns, thanks to its core of solid companies that are generally well-placed to withstand a variety of economic conditions.”

£6,250:Troy Trojan

“We are comfortable in the ability of the manager, Sebastian Lyon, to shelter investors’ wealth in tough market conditions, while growing capital over the long term.”

£6,250: Artemis Strategic Assets

“We believe the fund has the potential to continue offering a degree of capital shelter in tough markets while delivering attractive long-term returns.”

Total: £25,000


Medium-risk portfolio

“This portfolio differs from that of a more cautious investor as the level of equity exposure is higher, adding more risk but also the potential for higher returns,” says Heather Ferguson.

£5,000: Woodford Equity Income

“Manager Neil Woodford is one of the most successful, experienced and well-known fund managers in the UK. His long-term track record is exceptional, having significantly outperformed the UK stockmarket while producing impressive income growth along the way.”

£5,000: Artemis Strategic Assets

“The advantage of a diversified, multi-asset fund such as this is that different areas of the portfolio will perform well at different times.”

£5,000: Newton Real Return

“We hold the manager, Iain Stewart, in high regard and remain confident in his ability to provide good returns while offering some shelter during more turbulent periods.”

£5,000: Lindsell Train Global Equity

“This is the type of fund investors could tuck away in the bottom drawer and let some of the world’s most valuable brands work at growing their wealth over the long term.”

£5,000: Old Mutual UK Alpha

“This fund, which aims to maximise capital growth by investing in UK companies, is managed by Richard Buxton, a talented and skilled stockpicker.”

Total: £25,000

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