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Published by Moira O'Neill on 12 October 2016.
Last updated on 01 November 2017

 Scottish Mortgage is a member of Moneywise’s First 50 Funds for beginners. To find out more about investment trusts and how they work read the our guide: Understanding investment trusts.

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (SMT)

AIC sector: Global

Objective: To maximise total return from a portfolio of long-term investments chosen on a global basis, while also generating dividend growth.
Ongoing charge: 0.44%
Yield: 0.7%

Scottish Mortgage is a thoroughly modern investment trust. James Anderson has run the trust since 2000 with Tom Slater becoming his co-manager in 2014.

The managers look for inspirationally managed companies with strong competitive advantages and radical growth opportunities. Mr Anderson has been a long-term believer in the power of technology, which is transforming an ever-wider range of industries – from cars and healthcare to media and retail. This search for the winning companies of tomorrow has seen him invest in tech giants, such as Amazon and Facebook, and Tesla Motors.

Mr Anderson has also been keen to capitalise on China’s emergence as an economic powerhouse. Despite the wider problems recently affecting the Chinese economy, he expects the big three Chinese internet companies (Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba), which are among the trust’s top 10 holdings, to continue to grow regardless.

He is fiercely committed to a long-term, high-conviction approach and the trust’s portfolio contains only around 70 holdings. Companies are bought on a minimum five-year view.

*Information on fees and holdings correct as at 19 October 2017.


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