Profile: F&C Global Smaller Companies (FCS)

Published by Moira O'Neill on 13 October 2016.
Last updated on 01 November 2017

F&C Global Smaller Companies is a member of Moneywise’s First 50 Funds for beginners. To find out more about investment trusts and how they work read the our guide: Understanding investment trusts.

F&C Global Smaller Companies (FCS)

AIC sector: Global
Objective: To achieve high total return by investing in smallercompanies worldwide.
Ongoing charge: 0.61%
Yield: 0.9%

F&C Global Smaller Companies is one of only a handful of funds that specialise in investing in smaller companies around the globe. Managed by Peter Ewins since 2005, it is the largest specialist global smaller companies investment trust.

The trust invests in single companies and other investment funds and is highly diversified with nearly 200 holdings. Mr Ewins decides the trust’s overall allocation strategy and manages its UK portfolio, while F&C’s other smaller company specialist managers are responsible for North America and continental Europe.

He also selects external managers to gain exposure to companies in areas where F&C lacks its own smaller company investment management resources, such as Africa, Asia, Japan, and Latin America.

In fact, the biggest holdings are other smaller company investment trusts. Although most of the trust’s returns come from capital growth and it has a yield of under 1%, it has nevertheless built up an impressive 47-year record of annual dividend increases.

*Information on fees and holdings correct as at 19 October 2017.

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