Nick Train: The bull market is here to stay

For almost a decade financial markets have been climbing the proverbial ‘wall of worry’, despite the fact that since March 2009, when markets bottomed out following the financial crisis, share prices across a broad spectrum...

My fourth step to early retirement: Ten funds I have picked for my pension portfolio

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 | Article

After more than 30 years selecting investment funds and shares and assembling specimen portfolios as a journalist, Heather Connon looks to select 10 funds for her own pension in the fourth instalment of her retirement diary....

Fund Briefing: China

Thursday, 21 September 2017 | Article

China’s transformation has been remarkable. Its rapid modernisation has seen it become a manufacturing hub with first-class infrastructure and innovative social networks.

Moneywise investors keep faith in Woodford

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 | News

Over half (51%) of users who voted in our latest poll say they will remain invested in Neil Woodford’s CF Woodford Equity Income fund – a

Fund Briefing: Technology funds

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 | Article

Every year we embrace more incredible technological developments that make our lives easier and the world more connected, from the internet and mobile phones to cloud computing and electric vehicles.

Investment Doctor: “Should I add £3,000 to Neil Woodford’s equity income fund?”

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 | Article

I’ve invested £3,000 in Neil Woodford’s CF Woodford Equity Income Fund*. I now have a further £3,000 to invest.

Five fund managers who said ‘sorry’ – what happened next?

Friday, 15 September 2017 | News

In the world of sport, a phrase bandied about on a regular basis is that "form is temporary, class is permanent". Does this hold true when a fund manager is going through a rough patch?

First 50 update: Finsbury Growth & Income Trust invests in Manchester Utd

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 | News

Finsbury Growth & Income Trust – one of our First 50 Funds for beginner investors has added its...

Neil Woodford: ‘I'm very sorry for the poor performance’

Thursday, 07 September 2017 | News

Leading fund manager Neil Woodford has issued an apology and explanation for his recent poor performance.

First 50 Fund update: Brexit to ‘strongly influence’ outlook for UK property investing

Wednesday, 30 August 2017 | News

Investors looking to diversify their portfolio by investing in UK commercial property should be aware that Brexit negotiations will “strongly influence” the outlook, according to the manager of

Neil Woodford suffers blow after Provident Financial shares plummet

Friday, 25 August 2017 | News

Star fund manager Neil Woodford is nursing huge losses after a spectacular profits warning – Provident Financial’s second in two months.