How to be a property investor: our 10-part series

7 June 2016

1. Our national love affair with property
Why do we love bricks and mortar so much? Should it be the nation’s first choice asset?

2. History of property prices
Many people have benefitted from soaring prices. We look at the factors that affect the property market and ask where could prices go from here?

3. Property vs pensions
Pension freedoms offer an opportunity for people to use pension fund money to fund a property purchase. Is this a good idea?

4. Buy to let: buying a property
How to deal with the new stamp duty and estate agents’ fees. How to work out if a property is good value.

5. Buy to let: letting it out
Dealing with the new tax on rental income, tips on managing tenants and the lowdown on landlord’s obligations.

6. Buy to let: new taxes for landlords
We explain the heavier tax burden that existing and prospective landlords need to consider.

7. Understanding property tax
A quick guide to how property investments are subject to income, capital gains and inheritance tax.

8. Alternative ways to invest in property
You don’t need to buy a house or flat to cash in on the growth of the property market. There are plenty of other ways to invest in property. We give a quick summary.

9. Commercial property funds
Different types of property funds from ones that invest in bricks and mortar to those that invest in property companies and specialist funds.

10.  Property crowdfunding
A new kind of service lets savers club together and pool their funds to invest in property.