Video: Jim Rickards on how to prepare for the next financial crisis

James Rickards is predicting chaos on an unprecedented scale. The financial expert, investment advisor and New York Times bestselling author warns that the most devastating financial crisis yet could be just around the corner.

His suggestions for how we can protect our wealth in tumultuous times are at times counterintuitive, including steering clear of high-valuation tech stocks and being wary of “overhyped” passive investing.

In this video with Moneywise editor Rachel Rickard Straus, Jim also warns viewers to watch out for tricks being played on us all by behavioural economists.

While his predictions are provocative, he has been right in the past, sounding the alarm on currency manipulation and foreseeing the rise of negative interest rates.

Lifestyles could change immeasurably over the next century, with progress by no means a given, he predicts. So, fasten your seatbelt (or pour yourself a cup of tea), and watch our interview with Jim.

Jim Rickards’ latest book is Aftermath: Seven secrets of wealth preservation in the coming chaos.