Meet our team

Rachel Rickard Straus

Rachel joined Moneywise as editor in September 2018 and has been helping readers save and grow their money for nearly a decade. 

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Sam Barker

Sam Barker is the deputy editor of Moneywise and formerly a personal finance reporter at the Telegraph.

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Rachel Lacey

Rachel joined Moneywise more than 13 years ago and spent a number of years editing the magazine.

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Mark Stammers

Mark has been with Moneywise for over fifteen years, joining the team after working on other financial titles such as Bloomberg Money and

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Hannah Nemeth

Hannah joined Moneywise four years ago and has many years' experience as a writer/sub-editor.

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Stephen Little

Stephen joined Moneywise in August 2018 having spent a number of years writing about personal finance for publications including The Independent.

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Brean Horne


Brean Horne is a reporter and multimedia content manager at Moneywise. She previously worked as a journalist and podcast producer at Which?

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