Travel insurance for pensioners


For many, their retirement years are the opportunity to travel and see the world but as Moneywise TV reveals getting travel insurance can be tricky.

A search on comparison site gocompare comes up with 47 results for a couple in their early 30s looking for worldwide annual cover; this drops to 41 for a couple in their fifties; 32 if they're in their early 60s and only four for a seventy-something couple. And while the priciest quote for the 30-year-olds was £167.56, it was an astonishing £554.80 for the seventy-year olds – that's over three times more expensive. The result is that some holidaygoers may be tempted to cancel their trip abroad – or go without insurance. Age UK say 5% of the people they speak to cancel holiday and another 5-7% say they will just go without There's a real temptation to think if you're going somewhere that seems relatively developed or safe then you'll be ok but Spain, Greece and the US are the three most expensive places to pay medical expenses without insurance. What then can older holidaygoers to find appropriate – and competitively priced travel cover? Look at the small print to see what you're covered for and if the excess is affordable. If you're unsure, seek specialist help. BIBA has details of insurance brokers who specialise in cover for older people Organisations like Saga and Age UK have their own insurance services and can also advise on other specialist insurers. And packaged accounts also often include travel insurance, which covers up to age 75.

Travel insurance isn't an optional extra, it's a must, especially as we get older. But it seems that until more insurers specialise in cover for older holidaymakers, cost and availability will be a sticking issue.