How can I make sure that my live-in boyfriend has no claim on my property?

Tracey Moloney
10 January 2017


My boyfriend is about to move in with me. We both own our own homes, he is going to rent his out. My parents keep telling me I need to ‘protect my asset’, but I’m not sure how to do this. I don’t want him to have any claim on my home as we will be buying another place together in the future that we will share ownership of, but I want the home I bought before I met him to be my nest egg.

The plan is for him to pay half the bills and half the interest on my mortgage repayments – it doesn’t seem fair for him to contribute to the capital repayments when he isn’t going to have a stake in the property.

What legal documents should we get drawn up before he moves in?




You really need to consider putting a cohabitation agreement in place. This will enable you to protect your property.  

Once he starts contributing to the costs, such as the mortgage, he begins to build an interest in the property but protections can be built in to a cohabitation agreement so that it becomes similar to a landlord / tenant agreement. It’s also important to ensure that he doesn’t invest in any long term structural changes i.e. a new roof.

You should also make a will. This will reinforce the intention that you wish to keep the property entirely separate from the relationship.

Tracey Maloney is head of family law at Co-op Legal Services