Moneywise Home Finances Awards 2018

The Moneywise Home Finances Awards survey is now closed. Thank you to all those who voted, the winners will be announced at the end of November 2018. 

Survey closed

Read the prize draw terms and conditions.

Survey FAQ:

Q: How long does the survey take?

A:  The survey should take about five minutes to complete, depending on how many categories you enter.

Q: Which companies should I vote for?

A:  Vote for the largest or the smallest companies – the size or shape of the company doesn’t matter provided it is looking after you. As long as a company receives a statistically relevant number of votes it qualifies for the awards.

Q: What do you do with the findings?

A: We award those companies which look after their customers by making known the winners in each category. We also make known the worst providers so you know which companies to avoid. We also feedback some behavioural findings to you so we can all improve how we manage our finances. Findings are also made available to the companies (should they want it) so they can better understand your frustrations and deal with your issues - this is done at an aggregated level, in other words, your personal details are never shared with any third party.

Q: How are my survey answers and data handled?

Moneywise logs your survey responses anonymously so you’ll never be associated with the information you provide for our research. At the end of the survey Moneywise will request your name and email address for the purpose of entering the prize draw, so that you can be contacted in case you win. Moneywise will also ask if you would like to subscribe to regular newsletter email updates, but entering the prize draw is not contingent on this. Finally, Moneywise will also ask if you would like to receive a free copy of the magazine for which a UK postal address will be requested.

Q:  How and when are the prize winners selected?

A:  Prize winners are selected by a random draw within a month of the competition closing. Everyone who opted in to the prize draw has an equal chance of winning. Only one entry is allowed per email address, and those who aren’t already opted into our newsletters will be added since this is the means by which winners will be announced.

Q:  When will I get my free magazine?

A:  Free magazine requests will be processed once a month a few weeks before mailing out the latest edition. So you should receive your magazine, at the latest, within two months of voting.