Fact sheet: Union Quoniam Gbl Rk Prem

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Fund name
Union Quoniam Global Risk Premia A EUR
Fund company manager
Union Investment Luxembourg SA
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Fund objective
The aim of the investment policy of Quoniam Funds Selection SICAV – Global Risk Premia (the "sub-fund") is to generate an adequate yield on the capital invested. The sub-fund shall participate in as many different risk premiums as possible in various asset classes. A "risk premium" is the surplus income which investors receive for investing in risky assets compared to investing in those with little or no risk. The risk premium is therefore the expected return on the risky asset compared to the return on an investment with the highest credit rating. When investing in bonds, for example, the higher risk is reflected in a lower rating for the relevant issue. The risk premiums shall be broadly diversified and allocated, while taking their respective risk into account. The risk premiums are balanced on a risk-adjusted basis in the sub-fund, and should generate a performance that is as identical as possible. Surplus income for the portfolio shall be generated via controlled risk-taking. The sub-fund invests worldwide in various risky assets. Positions may, for example, be entered into in global equities, global bonds and currencies. Investments may be made in risk premiums via corresponding asset classes as well as corresponding derivatives. Investments are primarily made by way of derivatives. In addition to options, futures and foreign exchange transactions shall be used.
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1 Year return

3.99 %

1 Year rank in sector



FO Mixed Asset - Flexible

Fund size

£ 186.5 m

FE Risk score



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Cumulative performance

Fund1.37 %1.47 %3.86 %0 %0 %
Sector2.11 %4.77 %9.5 %11.62 %24.9 %
Rank within sector122 / 186148 / 178134 / 168 / /
Quartile th3 rd4 th4 th th th

Calendar performance

Fund1.33 %1.99 %11.94 %0 %0 %
Sector1.98 %7.96 %3.43 %-0.06 %4.97 %
Rank within sector123 / 183147 / 16814 / 138 / /
Quartile th3 rd4 th1 st th th

Price movement

52 week high109.27
52 week low103.57
Current bid price106.28
Current offer price106.28
Current mid price0

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