Fact sheet: Schroder Strategic Beta

Fund information

Fund name
Schroder Strategic Beta I
Fund company manager
Schroder UT Managers
Fund type
Fund manager
Matthias Scheiber
since 27/11/2013
Fund objective
The fund aims to provide capital growth and income. The fund makes investments into different markets directly in shares and bonds and indirectly through investment funds and financial derivative instruments. The fund allocates its risk across four 'risk premia' categories: Growth, Inflation, Duration and Strategies. Over the medium term the allocation to each category is adjusted to reflect changes in the category's potential risk and reward. The Growth category contains the risks that tend to generate returns during positive economic conditions and includes the shares of large companies in the US, UK, Continental Europe, Japan, the Pacific basin and emerging markets, as well as the return from the credit risk of bonds issued by US, UK and European companies. The Inflation category contains the risks that tend to generate returns during inflationary or stagflationary times and includes the four main commodity sectors (oil, agriculture, industrial metals and gold) and US Treasury inflation-protected securities. The Duration category contains the risks that perform well when interest rates are falling and includes all major government bond markets (US, UK, Continental Europe, Japan, Canada and Australia) and emerging market bonds. The Strategies category contains the risks that are driven by other systematic risk factors, including behavioural factors such as following trends, and others such as the extra risk associated with investing in small cap relative to large cap stocks, value relative to growth stocks, high interest rate relative to low interest rate currencies and volatility in financial markets.
Investment style
Investment method

Performance snapshot

Quick stats

1 Year return

2.89 %

1 Year rank in sector



UT Flexible Investment

Fund size

£ 5.0 m

FE Risk score



Top in sector

Performance vs. Sector

Cumulative performance

Fund-0.82 %1.47 %1.45 %7.35 %0 %
Sector1.02 %7.07 %19.89 %27.22 %58.23 %
Rank within sector257 / 262239 / 247237 / 244191 / 198 /
Quartile th4 th4 th4 th4 th th

Calendar performance

Fund1.26 %8.69 %-4.7 %5.04 %0 %
Sector6.65 %12.84 %2.01 %4.85 %14.08 %
Rank within sector238 / 247193 / 234209 / 212111 / 190 /
Quartile th4 th4 th4 th3 rd th

Risk statistics

Tracking error5.74
Information ratio-0.78

Price movement

52 week high56.04
52 week low53.79
Current bid price0
Current offer price0
Current mid price55.32

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