Fact sheet: S&W The Air Pilot

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Fund name
S&W The Air Pilot Acc
Fund company manager
S&W Fund Administration Ltd
Fund type
Fund objective
The investment objective of the Company is to achieve long term (greater than 10 years) capital growth in real terms after inflation. The Company may invest in transferable securities, fixed interest securities (Corporate, Government, and index linked bonds), closed ended funds, gold, and cash. The Company may gain access to these asset types either directly or indirectly and may be predominately invested in other collective investment schemes. The weighting of the investment in each asset class may vary as seen appropriate and there may be times when there is no exposure to some assets classes. The Company has a worldwide outlook to investment although on occasion the Company may be focused more heavily in one or more countries depending on market conditions. The Company may also invest in any economic sector, unconstrained by region or asset class. In certain instances, for example in times of market stress, the ACD may move the Company’s assets into more liquid investments and hold a higher proportion of deposits or reduce the Company’s holdings within the limits of the FCA Regulations. It is the ACD’s intention that derivative and forward transactions will only be used for Efficient Portfolio Management, specifically to hedge out currency risk that the Company is exposed to however on occasion may also use derivative instruments to hedge out potential capital losses. The Company may only use derivatives and forward transactions for investment purposes by giving 60 days’ prior notice to Shareholders. The use of derivative and forward transactions for Efficient Portfolio Management is not intended to increase the risk profile of the Company. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that capital will be preserved
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Performance snapshot

Quick stats

1 Year return

16.72 %

1 Year rank in sector



UT Flexible Investment



Fund size

£ 47.0 m

FE Risk score



Top in sector

Performance vs. Sector

Cumulative performance

Fund1.7 %7.18 %16.72 %0 %0 %
Sector1.51 %6.97 %20.47 %26.74 %56.82 %
Rank within sector115 / 262127 / 247181 / 244 / /
Quartile th2 nd3 rd3 rd th th

Calendar performance

Fund6.51 %0 %0 %0 %0 %
Sector6.56 %12.84 %2.01 %4.85 %14.08 %
Rank within sector141 / 247 / / / /
Quartile th3 rd th th th th

Price movement

52 week high119.4
52 week low104.1
Current bid price0
Current offer price0
Current mid price119.4

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