Fact sheet: Rathbone CorInvFdForCha

Fund information

Fund name
Rathbone Core Investment Fund for Charities Inc
Fund company manager
Rathbone Unit Trust Mgmt Ltd
Fund type
Fund manager
Andrew Pitt
since 03/10/2016
Fund objective
The fund’s objective is to achieve long term capital growth and a level of income employing a total return approach. The fund aims to outperform its composite market index over a minimum three year period. The composite market index is made up as follows: 35% FTSE All-Share, 35% FTSE All-World (ex UK), 5% FTSE UK Commercial Property, 5% 3-month GBP LIBOR + 2%, 18% FT British Government All Stocks and 2% 7-day LIBOR. Invested capital is however at risk and there is no guarantee that the objective will be attained over this or any time period. The Manager intends to achieve this objective by investing in a diversified range of asset classes including UK and Global equities, corporate and sovereign fixed income, index linked bonds, collective investment schemes and structured products. Investment may be made directly in such assets or through collective investment schemes. The fund will not hold immovable property directly but may make investments in immovable property through the use of collective investment schemes. A reference to a collective investment scheme includes authorised, unauthorised and alternative collective investment schemes including private equity funds. The fund may use investment techniques and derivatives for efficient portfolio management (including hedging), and to seek investment gains.
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UT Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares



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Fund1.18 %6.89 %0 %0 %0 %
Sector1.49 %7.27 %20.24 %27.69 %57.03 %
Rank within sector167 / 281160 / 275 / / /
Quartile th3 rd3 rd th th th

Calendar performance

Fund6.53 %0 %0 %0 %0 %
Sector6.74 %13.29 %2.25 %4.96 %13.5 %
Rank within sector153 / 275 / / / /
Quartile th3 rd th th th th

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52 week high109.09
52 week low99.41
Current bid price108.86
Current offer price109.13
Current mid price0

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