Fact sheet: HSBC GIFGlCrpFTrmBn2020

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HSBC GIF Global Corporate Fixed Term Bond 2020 AQ2 USD
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HSBC Investment Funds (Lux) SA
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The sub-fund aims to provide an attractive yield by investing in a portfolio of corporate bonds for a limited term. It is intended that the sub-fund’s term will end in 2020 (the “Term Date”), the date when the sub-fund will be liquidated and Shares of the sub-fund will be compulsorily redeemed at the prevailing Net Asset Value per Share. The exact Term Date will be confirmed on or before the launch of the sub-fund and, once set, the Prospectus will be updated accordingly at the next available opportunity. The Term Date may be deferred for up to 3 months if the Board of Directors believes it is in the best interests of shareholders.The Investment Adviser will seek to invest in bonds with the intention of holding them to maturity whilst actively monitoring and maintaining the portfolio. The Investment Adviser may sell bonds that it believes will suffer a deterioration in credit quality over time and/or purchase bonds that it believes will provide better investment returns.The sub-fund will invest in bonds with a final maturity date on or before the Term Date. As the Term Date approaches, the sub-fund’s portfolio will be progressively composed of cash and cash equivalents (such as, but not limited to, money market instruments and other short-term debt instruments and units or shares of money market funds.Consequently,the investment objective described herein is reflective of the sub-fund at launch and will no longer be relevant as the sub-fund comes close to the Term Date.The sub-fund will predominantly invest in Investment Grade and Non-Investment Grade fixed income and other similar securities which are issued by companies in both developed markets, such as OECD countries, and Emerging Markets. The sub-fund will also invest in Investment Grade and Non-Investment Grade fixed income and other similar securities which are issued or guaranteed by governments, government agencies and supranational bodies of Emerging Markets.The sub-fund may achieve its investment objective by investing up to 10% of its net assets in units or shares of UCITS and/or other Eligible UCIs (including other sub-funds of HSBC Global Investment Funds).The sub-fund may use financial derivative instruments for hedging purposes. The sub-fund may also use, but not extensively, financial derivative instruments for investment purposes. The financial derivative instruments the sub-fund is permitted to use include, but are not limited to, futures, options, swaps (such as credit default swaps) and foreign exchange forwards (including non-deliverable forwards). Financial derivative instruments may also be embedded in other instruments in which the sub-fund may invest.The sub-fund's primary currency exposure is to the US dollar. The sub-fund will normally hedge currency exposures into US dollar. On an ancillary basis (normally up to 10% of its net assets), the sub-fund may also have exposure to non-US dollar currencies including Emerging Market currencies.
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Fixed Interest

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FO Fixed Int - USD Corporate Bond

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