Fact sheet: HSBC GIF Gbl Hi Yd Bd

Fund information

Fund name
HSBC GIF Global High Yield Bond EC USD
Fund company manager
HSBC Investment Funds (Lux) SA
Fund type
Fund manager(s)
Mary Gottshall Bowers
since 03/09/2013
Fund objective
The sub-fund invests for total return primarily in a diversified portfolio of Non-Investment Grade and unrated fixed income securities issued by companies, agencies or governments from any country, in both developed and Emerging Markets and denominated in or hedged into United States Dollars (USD). On an ancillary basis, the sub-fund may invest in asset backed securities (limited to a maximum of 10%) and Investment Grade fixed income securities, and have exposure to non-USD currencies including Emerging Markets local currencies (up to a maximum of 20%) to enhance return. Normally, a minimum of 90% of the sub-fund will be invested in Non-Investment Grade and other higher yielding bonds (including unrated bonds). However, for liquidity management purposes, the sub-fund may also invest up to 30% in Investment Grade fixed income securities. The sub-fund will not invest more than 10% of its net assets in securities issued by or guaranteed by any single sovereign issuer with a credit rating below Investment Grade. The sub-fund may gain exposure to higher yielding bonds by investing up to 10% of its net assets in units or shares of UCITS and/or other Eligible UCIs (including other sub-funds of HSBC Global Investment Funds) with similar debt securities as that of the sub-fund. The sub-fund does not intend to use financial derivative instruments extensively for investment purposes. However, the sub-fund may invest in financial derivative instruments such as futures, options, swaps (including, but not limited to, credit default swaps and Total Return Swaps), forward currency contracts and other credit derivatives for, inter alia, the purposes of managing interest rate risks and credit risks, currency positioning as well as for investment purposes to enhance return at times when the Investment Adviser believes the investment in financial derivative instruments will assist the sub-fund in achieving its investment objectives.The sub-fund may be leveraged through the use of financial derivative instruments.Global High Yield Bond.
BofA Merrill Lynch Global High Yield BB-B Constrained Hedged USD
Investment style
High Yield
Investment method
Fixed Interest

Quick stats

1 Year return

7.32 %

1 Year rank in sector



FO Fixed Int - USD High Yield

Fund size

£ 1.9 b

FE Risk score

Top in sector

Performance vs. Sector

Cumulative performance

Fund1.08 %3.98 %7.32 %0 %0 %
Sector0.66 %2.24 %5.85 %13.74 %24.64 %
Rank within sector5 / 5810 / 5820 / 52 / /
Quartile th1 st1 st2 nd th th

Calendar performance

Fund6.41 %11.52 %0 %0 %0 %
Sector4.41 %12.74 %-3.11 %0.67 %6.23 %
Rank within sector16 / 5631 / 50 / / /
Quartile th2 nd3 rd th th th

Price movement

52 week high11.343
52 week low10.397
Current bid price0
Current offer price0
Current mid price11.343

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Individual holdings

  • 0.94% BLUE RACER MID LLC/FINAN 6.1250 15-NOV-22
  • 0.88% LANDRYS INC 6.75% BDS 15/10/24 USD1000
  • 0.85% SANCHEZ ENERGY CORP 6.125% BDS 15/01/23 USD 2000
  • 0.79% HUDBAY MINERALS INC 7.625% BDS 15/01/25 USD2000
  • 0.75% HALCON RESOURCES CORP 6.75% BDS 15/02/25 USD2000 144A
  • 0.74% SPRINT CORP 7.875% BDS 15/09/23 USD2000 144A
  • 0.73% ENEL SPA 8.75% BDS 24/09/73 USD1000
  • 0.73% TENET HEALTHCARE CORP 8.125% BDS 01/04/22 USD2000 144A