Fact sheet: HSBC GIF EurCrBdTtlRtrn

Fund information

Fund name
HSBC GIF Euro Credit Bond Total Return EC
Fund company manager
HSBC Investment Funds (Lux) SA
Fund type
Fund manager(s)
Jean - Oliver Neyrat
since 12/12/2013
Fund objective
The sub-fund invests for long term total return in a portfolio allocated across the full spectrum of Euro denominated corporate bonds and other similar securities or instruments.The Total Return strategy aims to capture the majority of the upside in the Euro credit universe while limiting the downside risk. The Total Return strategy has a flexible allocation across the Euro credit market. Returns are generated through duration management, yield curve positioning and the selection of individual securities within the investment universe. By seeking multiple sources of return, the Total Return strategy aims to provide over an investment cycle risk-adjusted returns above the investment universe of the sub-fund without reference to a benchmark index. However the Total Return strategy does not imply there is any protection of capital or guarantee of a positive return over time. The sub-fund is subject to market risks at any time. The sub-fund invests in normal market conditions a minimum of 90% of its net assets, either directly or through the use of financial derivative instruments, in Investment Grade and Non-Investment Grade rated fixed income and other similar securities which are issued by companies which are based in or carry out the larger part of their business in developed markets such as OECD countries or issued or guaranteed by governments, government agencies and supranational bodies of the same markets. These securities are primarily denominated in Euro.On an ancillary basis (normally up to 10% of its net assets), the sub-fund may also invest in Euro denominated securities issued or guaranteed by governments or government agencies or supranational bodies of Emerging Markets or issued by companies which are based in Emerging Markets.Investments in Asset Backed Securities (ABS) and Mortgage Back Securities (MBS) are limited to a maximum of 10% of the sub-fund's net assets.Investments in convertible bonds are subject to a limit of 10% of the sub-fund's net assets.The sub-fund may invest up to 15% of its net assets in contingent convertible securities, however this is not expected to exceed 10%.The sub-fund may achieve its investment policy and limits by investing up to 10% of its net assets in units or shares of UCITS and/or other open-ended funds (including other sub-funds of HSBC Global Investment Funds).The sub-fund may also invest in financial derivative instruments such as futures, options, swaps (including, but not limited to, credit default swaps and total return swaps), forward currency contracts and in other currency and credit derivatives, as well as other structured products. The sub-fund intends to use such financial derivative instruments for, inter alia, the purposes of managing interest and credit risks and currency positioning and also to enhance return when the Investment Adviser believes the investment in financial derivative instruments will assist the sub-fund in achieving its investment objectives.The sub-fund is managed without reference to any market index weightings.The sub-fund's primary currency exposure is to the Euro. On an ancillary basis (normally up to 10% of its net assets), the sub-fund may also have exposure to other European currencies but hedged back into Euro.
Investment style
Total Return
Investment method
Fixed Interest

Quick stats

1 Year return

3.11 %

1 Year rank in sector



FO Fixed Int - EUR

Fund size

£ 307.7 m

FE Risk score



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Performance vs. Sector

Cumulative performance

Fund0.29 %1.33 %3.11 %3.72 %0 %
Sector-0.27 %0.86 %2.07 %3.84 %14.32 %
Rank within sector2 / 229 / 226 / 218 / 21 /
Quartile th1 st2 nd2 nd2 nd th

Calendar performance

Fund0.24 %3.1 %1.85 %-0.95 %6.74 %
Sector0.06 %1.74 %2.56 %0.03 %7.69 %
Rank within sector7 / 223 / 2113 / 2015 / 2013 / 19
Quartile th2 nd1 st3 rd3 rd3 rd

Risk statistics

Tracking error1.96
Information ratio-0.06

Price movement

52 week high11.174
52 week low10.822
Current bid price0
Current offer price0
Current mid price11.161

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Individual holdings

  • 3.95% SPAIN(KINGDOM OF) 1.5% NTS 30/04/27 EUR1000
  • 3.39% ITALY(REPUBLIC OF) 2.2% TB 01/06/27 EUR1000
  • 3.23% EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK 0% MTN 15/03/24 EUR1000
  • 2.12% TOTAL 3.369 CE '26 EUR
  • 2.03% OMV AG 6.2500 PERP
  • 1.96% ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI 5.5000 27-OCT-47
  • 1.73% EDF 4.125 CE '22 EUR
  • 1.72% CREDIT AGRICOLE LONDON 1.8750 20-DEC-26
  • 1.65% CKHH 3.75 CE '18 EUR