Fact sheet: Fidelity Gbl Inc

Fund information

Fund name
Fidelity Global Income E QInc(G) USD
Fund company manager
Fidelity International (FIL In
Fund type
Fund manager
Kristian Atkinson
since 01/01/2017
Fund objective
Aims to provide high current income and capital growth. At least 70% invested into a diversified portfolio of global bonds of varying maturities, denominated in various currencies. The fund may invest its net assets directly in onshore China bonds listed or traded on any eligible market in China. At least 50% invested in investment grade bonds with the balance invested in high-yielding sub investment grade bonds of issuers in developed and emerging markets. Emerging markets include Latin America, South East Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe (including Russia) and the Middle East, but investments can also be made in other regions. Has the freedom to invest outside the fund's principal geographies, market sectors, industries or asset classes. Investments may be made in bonds issued in currencies other than the fund’s reference currency. Exposure to currencies may be hedged, for example with currency forward contracts. The reference currency is the currency used for reporting and may be different from the dealing currency. Can invest in bonds issued by governments, companies and other bodies. May invest in assets directly or achieve exposure indirectly through other eligible means including derivatives. Can use derivatives with the aim of risk or cost reduction or to generate additional capital or income, including for investment purposes, in line with the fund’s risk profile. The fund has discretion in its choices of investments within its objectives and policies. Currency hedging is used to substantially reduce the risk of losses from unfavourable exchange rate movements on holdings in currencies that differ from the dealing currency. Hedging also has the effect of limiting the potential for currency gains to be made. Income is paid to shareholders out of gross investment income for most of the time. The fund seeks to maintain a stable payment per share so far as is reasonable. The payment is not fixed and will vary according to economic and other circumstances, and the ability of the fund to support stable payments without a long-term positive or negative impact on its capital. This may occasionally result in income payment coming out of the capital. Shares can usually be bought and sold each business day of the fund. This fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to sell their shares in the fund within 5 years. Investment in the fund should be regarded as a long-term investment.
Investment style
Investment method
Fixed Interest

Performance snapshot

Quick stats

1 Year return

5.16 %

1 Year rank in sector



FO Fixed Int - Global



Fund size

£ 269.0 m

FE Risk score



Top in sector

Holdings snapshot

  • USA
  • UK
  • Latin America
  • France
  • Asia Pacific ex Japan
  • Non-Cyclical Consumer Goods
  • Government Bills
  • Banks
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • American Fixed Interest
  • Global Fixed Interest
  • UK Fixed Interest
  • American Emerging Fixed Interest
  • French Fixed Interest

Performance vs. Sector

Cumulative performance

Fund0.84 %5.38 %5.16 %0 %0 %
Sector0.01 %2.35 %2.2 %6.22 %9.68 %
Rank within sector39 / 34546 / 33154 / 306 / /
Quartile th1 st1 st1 st th th

Calendar performance

Fund7.46 %6.04 %0 %0 %0 %
Sector3.34 %4.59 %-1.64 %3.66 %-1.56 %
Rank within sector43 / 31872 / 287 / / /
Quartile th1 st2 nd th th th

Price movement

52 week high9.764
52 week low9.235
Current bid price0
Current offer price0
Current mid price9.73

Holdings by region

  • 47.59% USA
  • 7.54% UK
  • 7.03% Latin America
  • 5.98% France
  • 5.76% Asia Pacific ex Japan
  • 5.44% Australasia
  • 5.43% Europe
  • 3.88% Germany
  • 2.94% International
  • 2.08% Switzerland

Holdings by sector

  • 14.44% Non-Cyclical Consumer Goods
  • 12% Government Bills
  • 9.61% Banks
  • 8.94% Communications
  • 7.81% Energy
  • 7.01% Cyclical Consumer Goods
  • 6.54% Basic Industries
  • 6.05% Utilities
  • 5.9% Government Bonds
  • 4.73% Capital Goods

Holdings by asset type

  • 47.59% American Fixed Interest
  • 22.54% Global Fixed Interest
  • 7.54% UK Fixed Interest
  • 7% American Emerging Fixed Interest
  • 5.98% French Fixed Interest
  • 5.76% Asia Pacific ex Japan Fixed Interest
  • 2.08% Swiss Fixed Interest
  • 1.51% European Fixed Interest

Individual holdings