Fact sheet: FF Global Hybrids Bond

Fund information

Fund name
FF Global Hybrids Bond Y USD
Fund company manager
Fidelity International (FIL In
Fund type
Fund objective
Aims to provide high current income and capital growth. At least 70% invested into hybrid bonds (‘Hybrids’), namely debt securities with equity-like features, as well as into other subordinated financial debt and preference shares, which will not be required to meet a minimum rating standard. Such Hybrids may be issued by non-financial institutions (corporate Hybrids) as well as by financial institutions (financial Hybrids), which may include contingent convertibles. Corporate Hybrids are highly subordinated debt securities which carry equity-like features, such as coupon payments that may be deferred or cancelled at the discretion of the issuer, and are typically the last to be paid in the event of insolvency. Contingent convertibles are subordinated financial bonds meaning that the holder’s claim on assets is ranked lower than senior debt in case of bankruptcy or liquidation of the issuer, but normally higher than equity, hence their holders are the first in the debt capital structure to absorb capital losses of the issuer. Should a predefined event occur, such as if an issuer’s capital ratio or leverage breaches a pre-agreed threshold, and depending on the specific terms of the relevant issue, the contingent convertible will be converted into equity, or partially written off or completely written off, or written off with the option of revaluation under certain circumstances if capital levels are rebuilt. The conversion serves to bolster the capital base of the issuer in times of stress. Other subordinated financial debt and preference shares do not have a conversion feature but rank behind senior debt in case of insolvency. Has the freedom to invest outside the principal asset classes andmay invest up to 30% in Money Market Instruments, cash and bankdeposits, as well as other transferable securities. Up to 10% may be invested in units of other investment funds. May invest in assets directly or achieve exposure indirectly through other eligible means including derivatives. Can use derivatives with the aim of risk or cost reduction or to generate additional capital or income, including for investment purposes, in line with the fund’s risk profile. The fund has discretion in its choices of investments within its objectives and policies. Income is accumulated in the share price. Shares can usually be bought and sold each business day of the fund. Suitable for sophisticated investors who have the appropriate investment expertise to understand the key features and the risks associated with an investment in this fund. This fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to sell their shares in the fund within 5 years. Investment in the fund should be regarded as a long-term investment.
Investment style
Investment method
Fixed Interest

Performance snapshot

Quick stats

1 Year return

14.92 %

1 Year rank in sector



FO Fixed Int - Global



Fund size

£ 74.1 m

FE Risk score



Top in sector

Holdings snapshot

  • Europe
  • UK
  • France
  • International
  • Switzerland
  • Banks
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Money Market
  • Energy
  • European Fixed Interest
  • UK Fixed Interest
  • Global Fixed Interest
  • French Fixed Interest
  • Swiss Fixed Interest

Performance vs. Sector

Cumulative performance

Fund1.99 %12.3 %14.92 %0 %0 %
Sector0.01 %2.35 %2.2 %6.22 %9.68 %
Rank within sector4 / 3453 / 3314 / 306 / /
Quartile th1 st1 st1 st th th

Calendar performance

Fund17.31 %2.82 %0 %0 %0 %
Sector3.34 %4.59 %-1.64 %3.66 %-1.56 %
Rank within sector2 / 318167 / 287 / / /
Quartile th1 st3 rd th th th

Price movement

52 week high11.3042
52 week low9.6087
Current bid price0
Current offer price0
Current mid price11.0952

Holdings by region

  • 26.77% Europe
  • 26.19% UK
  • 13.92% France
  • 9.29% International
  • 8.61% Switzerland
  • 5% Others
  • 3.31% Australasia
  • 2.37% Eastern Europe
  • 2.28% Latin America
  • 2.26% Americas

Holdings by sector

  • 42.67% Banks
  • 20.17% Insurance
  • 9.58% Utilities
  • 5.72% Money Market
  • 4.13% Energy
  • 3.45% Cyclical Consumer Goods
  • 2.8% Government Bonds
  • 2.59% Basic Industries
  • 2.58% Communications
  • 2.47% Non-Cyclical Consumer Goods

Holdings by asset type

  • 29.14% European Fixed Interest
  • 26.19% UK Fixed Interest
  • 14.29% Global Fixed Interest
  • 13.92% French Fixed Interest
  • 8.61% Swiss Fixed Interest
  • 3.31% Asia Pacific Fixed Interest
  • 2.28% American Emerging Fixed Interest
  • 2.26% American Fixed Interest

Individual holdings