If I’m investing regularly, am I better off with active or passive funds?

Published by on 08 March 2016.
Last updated on 08 March 2016


I have £8,000 to invest in a pension and intend to follow it up with a monthly sum of £100 over the next 20 years. Would I be better off investing in active or passive funds?


Arguably, there is no right answer and there are advantages to both approaches, so a blend of the two may work for you.

One thing to consider is the cost of each type of investing. Passive funds are cheaper than active funds and therefore the impact of charges on the growth of a portfolio is reduced. Over the long term, the compound effect of even slightly lower charges can make a big difference to your investment result.

However, having a good fund manager oversee your investments can be invaluable. Active funds have the potential to outperform markets and reduce volatility, which passive funds cannot do as they simply track a market up and down.

Mark Hibbit is a chartered financial planner at Sovereign Independent Financial Advisors.


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