Are you owed a refund from Npower?

Published by Rachel Lacey on 27 January 2011.
Last updated on 27 January 2011

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Customers of Npower are being urged to check if they could be entitled to a refund after the energy supplier was found to have overcharged some households for gas in 2007.

Last October, the energy supplier was forced to pay 1.9 million customers £70 million in compensation, following an investigation from Ofgem.

Although some 1.2 million customers have come forward to claim their refunds, some 700,000 customers are yet to get their money back.

Npower has sent letters to its existing customers which can be cashed in at any Post Office, however, many eligible claimants could have moved house and switched suppliers making them harder to trace.

The refund programme is currently set to run til the end of October. Should claimants not make a claim by then they could struggle to get their money back.

Those who think they are eligible for a refund should call Npower's helpline on 0800 975 7938.

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