Top tips to surviving the weekly commute

Published by Ruth Jackson on 11 December 2012.
Last updated on 13 December 2012

1. Do the maths first - a daily commute may make sense.

2. It may also be worth investigating car-sharing - go to

3. Ask your employer how flexible it can be - could you work from home a couple of days a week?

4. If you're going to commute each day, ask also whether your employer provides interest-free season ticket loans (repayments are then deducted from your salary over each month).

5. Investigate becoming a lodger (through websites such as as an affordable alternative to renting a whole flat or flatsharing.

6. If you rent a room from a landlord, make sure you sign a licence agreement outlining the basic terms and conditions of the arrangement.

7. Many landlords specifically want a weekdays-only tenant; if that's the deal, you should be paying 20-25% less than for a full-time rental set-up, according to

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