Five steps to complaining

Published by Nathalie Bonney on 16 August 2011.
Last updated on 23 August 2011

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1) Keep a record of all correspondence

Gather together any paperwork, and the names and dates of people you've spoken to. Make sure you keep copies of all this information, so you can refer back to it.

2) Follow the protocol

Complain to the company directly first of all - ideally, through someone you've already been in touch with, or a department that specifically handles complaints. The customer services department will then have eight weeks to respond to your complaint.

3) Stay calm

If you're polite and courteous, there's more chance that your complaint won't be consigned to the scrapheap. Unreasonable behaviour, such as shouting and swearing, can also detract from genuine grievances.

4) Be assertive

Keeping a cool head isn't the same as being overly meek. Don't apologise for the fact you're having to complain, and be firm if the company or a particular employee tries to fob you off with an offer or an apology you're not happy with.

It's also worth regularly contacting the company within the eight-week waiting period to make sure your case is being looked into.

5) Use your contacts

If you're not happy with the company's final response, you can go to the Financial Ombudsman Service and fill out its complaint form. You have six months to do this.

Alternatively, get in touch with us at and we will try our best to help you out.

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