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How to find the best broadband bundle

There are so many providers on the market there are always cheap deals on offer, but you in order to find the best broadband prices you need to compare broadband deals. That’s where we come in. Factor in these tips when searching for the best broadband bundle.

  1. There are more than 200 broadband packages available with different speeds, usage limits and customer service propositions. But by comparing broadband deals to find the best broadband bundle, consumers can save over £200.
  2. Before moving elsewhere, try haggling with your existing provider. They may not offer the best broadband prices, but they might not want to lose your custom and you could be surprised at how much you can get by hinting you are ready to compare broadband prices from rivals.
  3. Check the terms of the contract set down by your existing supplier, as most operate for a fixed term of 12 or 18 months, and you can be charged for ending that prematurely.
  4. Compare broadband deals in your area, as packages and costs vary by postcode.
  5. Think carefully about what type of broadband user you are. If you only use the internet to check your emails every so often, you'll probably only need a basic service, so there's no point in paying for extra downloads.
  6. Check what speed you're currently getting by using a broadband speed checker and compare this to the speed you are capable of receiving on your line, as there's no point paying for high speeds if you're not actually going to be able to achieve them.
  7. If you already pay for a home phone and digital TV service, it may be worth bundling up with one provider, as there are often discounts for customers who do this – plus the added convenience of having just one bill to keep track of.
  8. If you want to go super-fast and purchase a fibre-optic package, expect to pay more. But the price of fibre is definitely falling, so keep double-checking to see which new entrants have joiuned the market and who has the best broadband bundles.