Hermes won’t pay up over lost TV

18 May 2018

Moneywise helps a reader with misleading T&Cs

I returned a TV to Amazon using courier firm Hermes, but it lost it. Even though I took insurance up to £300 (the TV was worth £340), Hermes says that TVs are an “excluded item” and therefore its terms and conditions don’t cover it for loss, damage or delay.

This is in its T&Cs: “We offer cover for the loss, damage or theft of items worth up to the value of £20 as standard. If you are sending items with a higher value, we also offer full cover up to the value of £300 for a small fee. However, there are some items that we do not cover for damage.” That suggests such items would still be covered for loss or theft.

The policy is inconsistently/misleadingly stated across the website and it is not justifiable to treat damage and loss as the same. Are some packages more easily lost or stolen than others?


I always tell people to avoid delivery companies such as Hermes as their compensation policy stinks. Paying just £20 for items the firm loses is seldom going to be enough. So, if you have to use it, taking out insurance for up to £300 seems essential. But your letter seemed to suggest that the company would even find ways to weasel out of meeting its commitment under the cover it flogged you.

The good news is that Hermes saw sense and realised the wording of its terms was misleading. That has now been changed and the company paid out £300 plus the £20.99 postage fee you paid.

You weren’t left terribly happy, though, ending up £40 down on the price of the TV and fed up with the delays. You were also naturally confused as to how Hermes could actually have lost your TV, which was in a 1.5 square metre box. Your summation: “It is a terrible company to deal with.”

OUTCOME: £320.99 returned to reader


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Hermes agreed to pay me compensation for a lost item but as yet all I get are false promises that it will be in my account in 3 to 5 days that was two months ago. I'm now considering taking them to the small claims court not because I'm desperate for the money but on principle they cant be let to get away with this I'm sure their thinking is that if they delay for long enough I will just go away, Sorry not me if they want to fight dirty then bring it on.

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Returned a smart tv back to Amazon via Hermes 17th November Last fracking 22nd November at their depot. Now the tell me they can't locate it waiting for a claim form I am too old for all this stress Amazon used hermes to deliver it on the 14 th nov I thought I was doing the right thing sending it back the sane way I am stressed out looks unlikely Iwill get the refund before Christmas if I ever do

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