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Learn how to borrow safely

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 | Article

No matter where you look, we have become a nation of borrowers, used to having cheap and easy credit at our fingertips.
In fact, the average consumer borrowing, via credit cards, motor and...

Five ways to get rid of your credit card debt

Thursday, 24 October 2013 | Article

1. Check your credit record
If you have a history of late payments or a lot of existing debt then you may find you're turned down for ...

Five steps to stop your debts spiralling out of control

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 | Article

There are five essential steps you need to take if you want to get your debt problem under control.
1. Identify just how much debt you have.
This means opening all...

Help me break free of debt

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 | Article

Brett Doolan, 38, is a psychiatric nurse with the NHS earning £28,816 a year.
He has recently moved into a friend's house in Worthing, West Sussex, and pays £375 in rent a month...

Should borrowers be penalised for shopping around?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 | Article

At the end of last year, the Treasury Select Committee ordered an investigation into credit searches, amid evidence that borrowers are unfairly penalised by lenders...

Stage two: ditch your debt

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 | Article

Up to 4.7 million adults admit they are still paying off last year’s Christmas costs, according to, but in order for 2010 to be a true fresh start, you’ll have to clear any outstanding debt or get your debt...

Get a budget discipline to make debt manageable

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 | Article

Alex Jackson, 31, is a diagnostic radiographer who lives in Newmarket in Suffolk, with his wife Lisa, 32, and their two-year-old son Noah.

Can credit cards still be our flexible friends?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 | Article

10 myths about credit reports

Monday, 20 April 2015 | Article

Since the onset of the credit crunch, we are more aware than ever before of the importance of ensuring our credit record is not only accurate but also as ‘good’ as possible.

Should you pay for debt advice?

Thursday, 25 August 2011 | Article

Britain has long been a nation of borrowers - our personal debt mountain is around £1.5 trillion and many people spend freely on credit.