The UK's worst towns for 3G mobile broadband

12 April 2011

Milton Keynes is the slowest town in the UK for 3G mobile broadband speeds, according to research from broadband comparison site

Its speed is a whopping 34% slower than the UK average.'s research into the 10 worst towns and cities for 3G mobile broadband speeds, shows smartphone users in the Buckinghamshire town are subject to an average speed of 1.73 megabits per second (Mbps) compared to the UK average of 2.62 Mbps.

Leicester and Huddersfield didn't fare much better with speeds only at 2.01Mbps and 2.17 Mbps respectively.

Birmingham, the UK's second biggest city, also made it into the top 10 with an average speed of 2.43 Mbps.

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The top 10 was compiled using speed tests on all the major networks – O2, T Mobile, 3, Vodafone and Orange over a four–month period.

Alex Buttle, director of, says there is a big gap in 3G connectivity across the UK despite the government's pledged endeavour to improve things.

"Across large swathes of the UK, and worringly in some of the country's largest towns and cities, 3G mobile broadband speeds simply aren't up to scratch."

The regulator Ofcom recently unveiled its plans for the next generation of mobile communications technology, but Buttle thinks networks need to first of all ensure their 3G speeds are satisfactory.

He adds: "Advancements in mobile communications technology will be crucial if Britain hopes to remain an economic force on the world stage and compete in the global market."

"More and more businesses are reliant on mobile broadband, but without adequate investment in the telecoms infrastructure, aspirations of mobile broadband speeds 16 to 20 times faster than are currently achievable will be just a pipe dream."

You can check 3G speeds in your local area with's StreetStats: or download its 3G mobile broadband speed test iPhone app.

UK's 10 worst 3G mobile broadband towns and cities (Mbps)

Milton Keynes 1.73 Mbps
Leicester 2.01 Mbps
Huddersfield 2.17 Mbps
Cardiff 2.18 Mbps
Liverpool 2.21 Mbps
Blackburn 2.23 Mbps
Stevenage 2.23 Mbps
Hull 2.35 Mbps
Stafford 2.37 Mbps
Birmingham 2.43 Mbps


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