No data cap meant Vodaphone bills were sky-high

8 May 2017

Reader: I bought a SIM-only device from Vodafone so I could create a mobile Wi-Fi network for my daughter who was moving into residential care as she has learning disabilities and the onset of dementia. I bought a 15GB device for £15 a month after being led to believe that once we have reached the data limit, the device would cut off.

But I was then charged £45, £240 and £190, and told conflicting advice about putting a data cap on the device, although a complaints officer agreed to remove £90 from the last bill and to increase the data plan. It seems Vodafone staff do not understand you cannot put a data cap on the devices. I asked to cancel the contract but was told there would be a £300 charge. My daughter gets just £20 a week from social services to live on, so can’t afford the £300. Can you help?


Simon: We certainly can. We contacted Vodafone and explained JH’s predicament. While it refused to refund the charges JH already paid, it waived the remaining charges of £100, and agreed to waive the £300 cancellation charge. The company said: “We have explained to JH we do not provide a data cap for her chosen price plan and we’re sorry if she feels she was misinformed. When she contacted us we agreed to increase the data allowance at a discounted rate and placed a goodwill credit of £90 on her account. However, in view of the circumstances we are happy to waive the remaining charges of £100 and we will close the account with no termination fee once the device has been returned.”

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