Most recommended and best value mobile phone providers

2 November 2018

Looking to changes mobile phone provider? Find out which household names came top in this year's awards

Unhappy with your energy or mobile phone provider and don’t know where to turn? Can’t decide between Netflix or Amazon Prime? Or perhaps your supermarket seems pricey? Then read up on the household names that came top in this year’s awards

Deciding which home service provider to choose can be tough. With a myriad of deals and offers available, it is often hard to pick apart which product offers best value.

That is why each year Moneywise asks you, the readers, to tell us about the top home services providers in the country.

The Home Finances Awards are designed to help you to decide on a whole range of household services, from broadband and mobiles to energy suppliers and supermarkets.

This year, with a phenomenal 10,000 respondents to our survey, there are some clear winners that deserve a pat on the back.

A big thank you to all those who voted – here are the firms that you picked as the best providers in the UK in 2018.

Mobile phones

Most recommended mobile network
Winner EE
Highly commended: O2
Best value for money
Winner Giffgaff
Highly commended: Tesco Mobile
Most recommended contract
Winner EE
Highly commended: O2
Best value-for-money contract
Winner Tesco Mobile
Highly commended: Three
Most recommended pay as you go
Winner Giffgaff
Highly commended: Three
Best value-for-money pay as you go
Winner Three
Highly commended: Tesco Mobile

Mobile phone providers represent one of the more competitive marketplaces in the Moneywise Home Finances Awards.

This year’s results show a real consolidation of reputation from smaller players such as Giffgaff, which has won both most recommended pay as you go and best value for money categories.

But the big dogs are there too, with EE taking the most recommended category and most recommended contract awards. Best value-for-money pay as you go goes to forrmer upcomer-turned-big-player Three.

But just because there is plenty of room for competition doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels with the deal you already have.

Consumer charity Citizens Advice recently took the extraordinary measure of filing a super complaint with the Competition and Markets Authority. It says households face being ripped off for being loyal and sticking with their broadband, mortgage and mobile phone suppliers to the tune of £877 every year.

The charity also took mobile providers to task in mid-September for overcharging customers for phones they already owned. This is an important one to look out for.

When you get a snazzy new phone with a sizeable contract, make sure that once the initial period runs out (normally 24 months), you negotiate a cheaper deal with your provider, or move. Otherwise, you will continue to pay a premium on a contract for a phone you already own.

Mobile phone and broadband problems

I am 80 and on a low income . My council is completely unfair now I am widowed. Its now over £2600. My income is 12500 per annum.
On top of that I am a mix up with my mobile phone as I changed to Tesco mobile on 26th February and left Vodafone at the same time as they are too expensive if you are an existing customer. I asked for a better deal but they refused. I had broadband with them too but changed to NOW TV ,
I found that Vodafone are still charging me £11.50 a month for my phone.
They say I agreed to this which is untrue . Its impossible to get anywhere.

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