Home Finances Awards 2017: Most recommended and best value mobile phone providers

19 October 2017

Looking to get a better deal on your mobile phone? Find out which household names came top in this year's awards.

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There are hundreds of firms fighting to sell you gas, electricity, water, broadband, mobile phone contracts and TV packages. Meanwhile, competition between supermarkets is as fierce as ever as discount shops continue to increase their market share.

The Moneywise Home Finances Awards help consumers make an informed choice in all these areas, and for the first time highlight the best travel and takeaway booking services in the UK.

The awards are based on the Moneywise Home Finances Survey, in which almost 5,000 readers name their favourite companies and highlight which firms offer the best value for money.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our survey.

As with the energy sector, there are new, smaller mobile phone networks looking to chip away at the market share of the biggest providers – EE, O2, Three and Vodafone.

These new providers typically use the same infrastructure as the older networks but offer lower prices and more generous contracts. So while readers think the biggest firms offer the best service, the newer players come top for value for money.

Phone contracts are becoming an increasingly large expense. Our research shows that across all providers, 17% of customers have a mobile contract costing £30 a month or more. However, customers are happy to switch between providers if they think they can get a better deal. Almost three-quarters (72%) of voters have moved networks in the past five years, with the vast majority saying they were driven by price.

Moneywise readers recommend EE as the best provider this year.

When breaking down the data, EE scores highly for the speed of its data services and the reliability of its network. O2 is highly commended by voters, who point to its wide network coverage as the top reason to pick it over the competition.

When it comes to the best value for money overall, two companies are streets ahead of the rest. Giffgaff edges ahead of Tesco Mobile to win this category. Both providers are ‘virtual networks’, which means they use the infrastructure and masts of a larger firm – in both cases, O2.

Around 84% of Moneywise readers have a mobile phone contract versus 16% who top up using pay as you go. Of those on contract, voters recommend Three more than any other provider, thanks to its foreign roaming deals and competitive prices. EE is highly commended.

Three also takes the top prize among pay-as-you-go customers, winning over the highly commended Giffgaff.

However, it is the newer players who once again win the awards for value for money. Tesco Mobile edges ahead of Three to win best value contract provider, while Giffgaff beats Three to take the prize for pay as you go customers.

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