Check you're on the right mobile phone tariff

6 July 2012

Almost half of mobile phone users are unaware of the phone, text and data allowances on their tariff. As a result, 48% pay up to £40 each month for going over their allowance in one of those areas. And more than 80% of people also have unused texts, minutes or data allowance at the end of every month.

Look at your tariff and see how it compares with your usage patterns. How many texts do you send each month? How many phone calls do you make on average?

Once you have a clear idea of your usage, get online and shop around for the best deal. Start on comparison websites such as, but once you see a good deal double-check that it meets your needs.

Make a saving

Carphone Warehouse calculates you could save an average of £194 per year by getting a deal that meets your needs.

If you are mid-contract get in touch with your supplier to see if you can switch to a better deal. If you can't, find out what it would cost to break your contract and leave.

Depending on the penalty either cut your losses or hold on until renewal time. If you can switch then tell your provider you are leaving - it may match the new deal. Otherwise, don't be afraid to leave. Loyalty is rarely rewarded by mobile providers.

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