Are second-hand cars a better option when buying a vehicle?

18 June 2012

Most people think buying a second-hand car is a great way to save money and in some ways it is.

RAC's Cost of Motoring report puts the average annual cost of running a used car at £4,724, against £6,689 for a new car.

However, the RAC does note that if you stripped out depreciation, a used car is actually £361 more expensive to run than a new car, thanks to increased repair bills.

Reliability is key

Reliability is the key and as guidance, the Reliability Index from Warranty Direct, which rates cars based on the number of warranty claims against them, puts the Kia Picanto city car at number one with the Vauxhall Agila, also a city car, second. The best family car is the Toyota Corolla.

Second-hand cars also usually cost more to tax and fuel, especially now manufacturers are so focused on reducing consumption for new cars.

Used car portal Autotrader ( can help you find out what you'll pay by listing the fuel economy and tax band for each car for sale.

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