The top five supermarket tricks to avoid

1 December 2011

1. Don't look straight ahead

The items that earn the most profit are typically placed at eye level, so make sure you check the top and bottom rows for your purchases.

2. Different places, different prices

Believe it or not, you'll find the same items at different prices depending on where in the store you are. The famous example is nuts and dried fruit, which are much cheaper in the baking aisle than they are in the snacks area.

3. Resist the impulse buy

Probably one of the most obvious tricks: sweets, magazines, batteries and even mini bottles of wine all line the till displays as we wait to pay. But if you didn't put them in your trolley while you were shopping, you don't need them now.

4. A good walk

Because of the layout of the aisles, you'll walk right around the store for the things you need, prompting you to buy more as you see more. By sticking to your list, using the signs above the aisles to navigate and going directly to the tills when everything is crossed off, you'll avoid temptation.

5. Do the maths

When it comes to pricing fine print, some basic multiplication can save you from buying the £1.24 advertised for 100g of your item rather than the seemingly more expensive £9.50 for 1kg.

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