Easter egg taste test 2016: The winners and losers

22 March 2016

With Easter Sunday this coming weekend (27 March), the Moneywise team has taken on the ‘eggstremely’ difficult job of putting the major supermarkets’ own-brand Easter eggs to the test.

We focused on eggs costing £2 and under for the budget-conscious, and eggs costing between £2 and £8 for those who want to spend a little bit more dough. 

The team marked each Easter egg out of 10 - 10 being great and 1 being bad – based on its overall appearance, and on its taste. We then combined these two scores to find an overall winner.  14 volunteers took part in the test.

Of course, this is only a niche sample, so do compare prices first as there may be bargains to be had. Alternatively, wait until after Easter when prices are often slashed.


Asda’s egg ‘oozes flavour’

Asda topped the tables in both price categories. Comments on its £2 and under priced egg include “[it’s] small, but looks quality”, while others said its pricier egg has a “lovely, full, rich taste”, “oozes flavour” and the “packaging makes the egg look high quality”. One taster did however say the flavour was “too rich”. 

In second place was Morrison’s in the £2-and-under category and Tesco in the pricier category. One tester said Morrison’s cow shaped take on an Easter egg was “very appealing”, while another wrote that Tesco’s square egg was a “stylish geometric take on the traditional Easter egg”.


Pictured above: the winning Asda eggs.

                          Pictured above: eggs in the £2.01 to £8 category

Coming in last place in both categories was Aldi. One taster commended the “colourful packaging” of its pricier egg, while another enjoyed its slightly “hazel nutty” flavour, but a few commented that neither eggs tasted much like chocolate.  

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the pricier eggs scored more highly than the cheaper eggs in every scenario other than Asda’s £2 egg, which beat the likes of Aldi, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, proving that being cheaper isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

See below for the full results.

                     Pictured above: eggs in the £2 and under category


The full results

Taste test: eggs costing £2 and under

Overall ranking Retailer (and egg) (i) Price Weight Added extras In-store & online?
1 Asda (Extra Special Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg) £2 100g N/A In-store only
2 Morrisons (Buttercup the Cow) £2 150g N/A Online & in-store
3 Sainsbury's (Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Chocolate Caramels) £1 155g Chocolate Caramels Online & in-store
4 Lidl (Favorina Easter Egg) £1.99 150g N/A In-store only
5 Tesco (Egg And Milk Chocolate Buttons) £1 150g Milk Chocolate Buttons In-store only
6 Aldi (Dairyfine Buttons Medium Egg) 79p 128g Chocolate buttons In-store only

               Pictured above: The Moneywise team in action



Taste test: eggs costing between £2.01 and £8

Overall ranking Retailer (and egg) Price Weight Added extras In-store and online?
1 Asda (Extra Special Belgian Chocolate Salted Butterscotch and Fudge Egg) £6 245g N/A In-store only
2 Tesco (Finest Square Egg)        
  £8 300g N/A In-store only  
3 Lidl (Deluxe Fudge Feast Easter Egg) £2.99 200g N/A In-store only
4 M&S (Alfie Bunny) £6 210g N/A In-store only
5 Morrisons (M Signature Hand Decorated Egg)        
  £4 200g N/A In-store and online  
6 Waitrose (Belgian milk chocolate egg & jelly drops)        
  £4 150g N/A In-store and online  
7 Sainsbury's (Taste the Difference Belgian Milk Chocolate Easter Egg) £3.50 100g N/A In-store and online
8 Aldi (Easter Egg filled with Chocolates) £2.99 345g Chocolate truffles In-store online

         Pictured above: the Moneywise team chomping on chocolate