Cut the cost of the new iPad 3

15 March 2012

So far this month, there has been a 324% increase in the number of people trading in their old models on the website in order to put the money towards the cost of their new iPad.

The most valuable product to sell is the Apple iPad 2 64GB with both wifi and 3G, which comes in at an average re-selling price of £315. But the most popular product to be re-sold is the 16GB version, which comes in at an average of £241.

By comparison, the new iPad 3 with wifi and 3G comes in at £599 for the 64GB model, and £399 for the 16GB.

Choose the iPad 3 with wifi and 4G and you’ll pay £659 for the 64GB, £499 for the 16GB.

“With so many new tablets coming on to the market, it can be frustrating when you fork out for a new device only for a better model to launch a few months later,” says Keir McConomy, managing director of

“That’s why we are seeing a new trend of tech-hungry consumers trading-in their old models and putting the money towards the latest device,” he adds.


Top 10 most recycled tablets in the UK

1 AppleiPad 2 16GB WiFi £241
2 AppleiPad 16GB WiFi £146
3 AppleiPad 2 16GB WiFi & 3G £251
4 AppleiPad 2 32GB WiFi £250
5 AppleiPad 32GB WiFi £145
6 AppleiPad 16GB WiFi & 3G £175
7 AppleiPad 2 64GB WiFi £293.50
8 AppleiPad 2 32GB WiFi + 3G £295
9 AppleiPad 64GB WiFi £170
10 BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB £96

Source:, March 2012



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