Buy this year's 10 must-have Christmas presents for less

28 November 2011

There are two main stresses to Christmas shopping: the first is managing to find those specially coveted items for your loved ones, the second is the cost of it all.

And when it comes to high-demand items it can be tempting to buy them in the first shop or website you come across, but watch out, as it could cost you dear.

We've looked at 10 of the Christmas presents that look set to fly off the shelves this Christmas and where you can find the best price.

1. iPad2 16GB

With 2012 being the year of the tablet, many people's Christmas wish lists will feature an iPad. Finding discounts on the top of the range Apple products is near impossible, with most retailers sticking with the Apple price of £399 for the latest iPad with Retina Display. But with the latest iPad update and the release of the iPad mini, older generation iPads has become more affordable.

You could pick up a 16GB, Wifi enabled iPad2, from Apple for £329. Even better, you can pick one up from for £299 or for £309.

Saving: £30

2. Furby (Hasbro)

The classic children's toy from the early 2000s, the Furby has had a hi-tech update and is proving to be one of this year's must have toys.

The new-generation toy not only talks with other Furbys and with people but it even interacts with a special iPhone and iPad app. If you plan on getting one of these for your kids, avoid the hefty price tag and make sure you shop around as some of them retail for as much as £75. Tesco sells it for £54.97 and coming in close second is Argos at £59.99.

Saving: £20.03

3. Moshi Monsters: My Moshi Home

The online adoptable monsters have been so popular, the Moshi Monster empire has expanded to includes a whole host of soft-toy Moshlings, stationary and game sets.

This Christmas' must-have for kids between the ages of 6-12 is the My Moshi Home. Buying it direct from the Moshi store will cost you £39.99, while you could grab yourself one for £28.80 at Amazon or John Lewis.

Saving: £11.19

4. Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo's Wifi enabled, handheld 3D console will feature high on many kids Christmas lists this year, with Nintendo now also offering an extra large version for an even better 3D gaming experience.

Buying the 3DS XL at Curry's would cost you £169.99, but you can pick one up from for £147.24, alternatively Amazon sells it at a slightly higher price of £154.

Saving: £22.75

5. The Lord of the Rings - Mines of Moria Lego set

The Mines of Moria Lego set features all your kid needs to recreate the famous scene from The Fellowship of the Ring, the first in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It even includes the giant cave troll.

Buying this direct from the Lego website will cost you £69, while trusty Amazon only charges £44.96. The second cheapest stockist is John Lewis at £49.79.

Saving: £24.04

6. Premiere perfume by Gucci

Boots or the Perfume Shop would be the obvious choices to buy your Christmas scents but not necessarily the cheapest. It would cost you £64 and £59 at the Boots and Perfume Shop respectively, to buy a 50ml bottle of Gucci's new fragrance, Premiere. This compares to £49.95 at or £52.48 from

Saving: £14.05

7. A onesie

There are many different designs of onesies from fleece material, tracksuit designs and even novelty Christmas patterned ones, but they all have one thing in common; they are the ultimate in comfort.

If you want to go all out and buy one in the shape of a dinosaur or kangaroo, one from Kigu will cost you £39.99. But if simple is more your style Amazon sell them for just £22. You could also check out at £30 each.

Saving: n/a

8. Q&A five-year diary

This diary asks you to answer a different question each day, anything from the more probing how are you feeling to what can you smell right now, making the experience of keeping a diary more interesting.

The journal typically retails for £13.99, but yet again, Amazon beats the rest charging £5.35, or you could pick one up from a WHSmiths in your local area for £9.65.

Saving: £8.64

9. Call of Duty Black Ops 2

The latest edition to the action-adventure game series, is a must have for all serious gamers. The game typically retails at £44.99 for both Playstation3 and Xbox 360. But you could pick up a copy for just £24 on Playstation3 and £34.99 on Xbox 360 at

Alternatively, you could grab a copy from Tesco for £32 on Playstation3 or £41.41 on Xbox360.

Saving £20.99

10. Corkcicle

Finally the pick of the quirky gifts. The Corkcicle is the perfect gift for wine lovers. You simply pre-freeze the corkcicle, and put it in the top of your open wine bottle.

The giant plastic icicle held in the cork will then keep your wine perfectly chilled. The gadget retails for £19.99 direct from, with no discount websites beating that price.
Saving n/a

Correct as of 13 December 2012. Please note prices can change online and in store.

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